SCR results and pic link!!

1.Miguel Correa
2.Mason McCall
3.Brad Moss
4.Derrick Bond


  1. Ian Cole
  2. Gavin Swenson
  3. Derrick Bond
  4. *Mason McCall


  1. Ian Cole
  2. Derrek Bond
  3. Brad Moss


  1. Yuuki Spencer
  2. *Jesse Garcia
  3. Miguel Correa,
  4. Zach Gormley
  5. Adam Brewster
  6. Travis Owen
  7. Jamie Larkins
  8. Paul Dang
  9. Derrek Bond
  10. Brad Moss
  11. Drew Carlson
  12. Zac Hooper

Results of the ladder will be posted later tomorrow due to I left the results at the venue.

I wanna thank all the guy that came. That was an awesome contest!!!

And a SPECIAL thanks goes out to my buddy Seth Peterson!!! He’s the one that made the video possible.

scores? go Yuuki!!!