South Central Regional Yoyo Contest 2009 (lots 'o' pics)

We had some great people show up this year! Some of them are:

Paul Dang

Seth Peterson

Adam Brewster

Zac Gormley

Travis Owen

Mason McCall

Trevor Crawford, aka Trevlor

Good 'Ol Casey Moss, aka Icthus


Yuuki Spencer

And the star of the weekend!!


Album is HERE!

I had a blast this past labor day weekend because of this contest! Yoyoing with great people is always a good way to spend a 4 day weekend!!

I can’t believe Zach won 4th place and beat Adam Brewster in 1A division.

Happy Throwing! =]

it was epic man


Happy Throwing! =]

haha, i thought it was, things are always better live.