FNYYC 2009!!!


hey guys!

first thanks to:

and thanks to our juges!
who?just watch the vid…

so here the french nats yoyo contest 2009 video:


huge thanks to hadriabolo!!!
who organized the event.


(Jeromy K.) #2

Sweet video good camera work it looks like a blast, I so want to go to a competition. I love your yo-yo style, good work man.

(Ryan) #3

nice!!! who is that yoyojam member there?

(JonasK) #4

You did compete right. Where did you place?


yoyojam member is wooper for hungary!
i did the worth place, 4th >:(
i’m realy bad in competition, i don’ty like that…

(JonasK) #6

I have a question that might be a bit off-topic. When are you going to get sponsored? I think I’m not the only one expecting to see you sponsored.


happy to hear that :smiley:
who know?