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Some weird guy apparently organized a yoyo contest to help building a feeling of belonging among students who attend a school club. Seems that, with the help of partners from severals countries and dedicated sponsors, that contest even became the Canadian National Championship !

A journalist from a local newspaper wrote a nice paper on the Canadian nats, which were held last Saturday, June 6th. Brandon Baines, Alexis Jancorda and an anonymous pair of hands are featured on page 3. Its in french; as a french speaker, I can say that’s its very nicely written. I’m not sure if the most interesting fact about this article is that it covers a great yoyo contest or the fact that it does not contain any pun;) You can read the whole story in the June 9th edition of «L’Informateur» by clicking the link.

I had a blast last week end. I am very happy with the outcome of the contest and will definately work toward organizing another event in 2010. I made so much new friends ! Miss you allready ! I’m looking forward meetings you all in NY this summer.

I would like to thanks all of the 2009 CNCYY partners:
One Drop Design
Yo yo Nation
Yo yo Guy
Yo yo Sam
Madhouse yo-yos
Lucky Meisenheimer
Dazzling Dave
The Czech Yoyo Association
Le gîte du Cerf-Volant
Thanks to everyone who attended to the contest.
Thanks to our dedicated judges, Vince Yip and Tressley Cahill, sponsored by Cariboo Lodge Yoyo Works and Yo Yo Expert.
Thanks to our Emcee and crowd pleaser, Pat Cuartero,
Thanks to Gemotrical and Yoyopunk from helping with the freestyle videos.
And thanks to everybody from the Jean Grou High School, thanks for supporting crazy dreams.

Check out (and contribute to) our common photobucket :

Stay tune as will be updated with more pictures, detailed results, and freestyle clips along the next days.

(Once again) Results
Congrats to all of our competitors
2009 Nationals Championship
1st - Alexis Vadnais-Jancorda (Canadian National Champion)
2nd - Brandon Baines
3rd - Jeff Coons
4th - Eric Koloski
5th - Devon Jackson

Sports Ladder
1st - Hans Godbout
2nd - Kevin Lagace
3rd - Christopher Nguyen
4th - Alexandar Podobnik
5th - Dave Savage

Jean Grou School Division
1st - Juan-Luis Salcedo
2nd - Nicolas Bouillon
3rd - Antonio Evangelista
4th - Emile Daigneault
5th - Nigel Hearson

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