Canadian= no yoyo contests

so im from canada and there is no yoyo contest around where I live. So does anyone have any ideas of what i could do to go to a contest or to find one in my area etc. also if i went to a state contest in the states could I, even though im canaidian.

Canadian Nationals just happened, so there are contests around.

You can absolutely come to a contest here in the states. It’s not like we are going to turn around a fellow yoyoer at the door!

isn’t it a return top contest up in canada…?

I thought it was a Double Pancake Spinner.

EDIT: or was it Spinning Disks of Might and Glory?

In Canada there are two contests that I am aware of, Canadian Nationals which takes place in Calgary and Western Canadian Regionals which takes place in burnaby. Its sucks if you live in eastern Canada (like me) because the closets contests are in America.

ya i know what you mean i live as far east as you can go, east coast of nova scotia
and also its a little far away to go to the canaidian nationals.

What a shame! Damn this is an old thread but I wonder how many yoyoers there are in Eastern Canada.