Reflections on Canadian Nationals 2013

My reflections on 2013 Canadian Nationals.
Enjoy!  As always I appreciate feedback on my writing.

Wow! Sounds like an awesome time! If the contest ever kicks around Ontario, I’ll make sure to go.

Great post. The highlights had me laughing… :slight_smile:

I’m glad you enjoyed! I"m hoping someone out your way will get together and run an Eastern Canadian Regionals soon. I’m putting something together to facilitate, but so far no one has stepped up.

I sure do hope this happens as well. I’ve been waiting for a “regional” Canadian competition, like in the US, but nothing other than Nats so far I guess…

Years and years ago there were Canadian Nats in Montreal. I still have my sport-division metals for I think 2005 and 2006?

I really wanted to go to Edmonton this year, but it would have been cheaper to go to Worlds in terms of flights. Stupid Canada, all wide.

Really? Argghghh…

I may be wrong, but isn’t part of the reason why it’s always in the West is because CLYW is based there, and they’re the main organizers/sponsors? I could be wrong…

The reason is that Chris (CLYW) is the only one willing to run it. It’s going to be in Vancouver next year becuase I offered to run it to give him a break, and I (and the Vancouver crew) have run a regional contest for 3 years running. If someone over there wants to run a regionals to get the whole running a contest thing figured out, we (the Canadian Yoyo community) would love to see it held in the east. Its a function of someone stepping up and saying “I’ll put out the cash and put in the hours”. Up until now, it’s only been Albertans who have been willing.

Actually, I just dug up this thread from one month back. Apparently, someone was willing to organize an eastern comp. However, it kinda just faltered…,61083.0.html