2013 Western Canadian Regionals - Mark your Calendar!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #1

WCR is coming up fast, less than 2 months.  Here is the facebook page with all the info.

If you can make it, you should, it’ll be a blast!  Stay tuned here for more information as it develops.


Is there an Eastern Canada Regionals? ???

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #3

Sadly no one in the East has stepped up to run it. If you are interested in organizing it I"d be happy to walk you through how to do it.


I would, but I’m not good enough . . . yet.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #5

You don’t have to be a competitive yoyoer to run a contest, just someone with the drive and time to do the work.

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #6

Holy sponsors batman!  The prizes at this contest are going to be out of this world!  Head over to the facebook group for details!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #7

You can also check out the event information on the website here


Hey I live in Toronto, I’d be happy to help put something like this together for the eastern people! Honestly, I think I’ve enough time on my hands.

I’d be glad if you can let me in on the details and we’ll discuss it further !

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #9

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Thanks again to all our wonderful sponsors, a month to go, and this is going to be the best WCR yet!

You are coming right? You realize you just aren’t cool if you don’t. And I’ll be Very, very dissappointed in you. What would your mother think?

(CaribouNick) #10