Eastern Canadian Regional

Hello People of the YoYo World:

I don’t know if you have yet heard of the Western Canadian Regionals, but if you have I contacted the organizers and I may (or may not) be organizing an Eastern Canadian Regional, and would like to see how many people will be willing to attend or think they would be able to attend. According to the amount of people, the decision will be made whether to run this E.C.Regional Contest or not. I know you have questions so I will try to provide as much information as I can so:

Location: Most likely Toronto, Ontario. (if not, then most likely somewhere in Ontario, eg. Ottawa)
Sub-Location: There will be more than one choice, like a public Park OR a Venue Hall (depends on weather).
Time and Date: Undetermined (will be arranged if number of people attending is enough)
Age: All ages.
Admission: This also varies according to how many people attending (the more people, the less the price, will probably be between 5$ to 20$
Prizes: There will be (undetermined yet) prizes to the first 3 placeholders, along with few raffle prizes.
Who’s Coming: I yet have not contact ANY sponsors. Again, I will if enough people are attending. I’m sure once they know there would be about 25+ Contestants (hopefully) AND people attending to watch, the sponsors will be interested.

As you know, those kinds of events can be a little costly (for organizers) and don’t like it if a lot of time and money is spent on an event that only VERY few will get the pleasures of, we would like as many people as possible to attend!

Now, The only thing left now is for you to let me know (by voting) if you will be able to attend (hopefully) or not (unfortunately). I hope all of you close by can make it and If you have any questions please feel free to leave it in the comments or PM me and I will be glad to answer!

Thank you and have an Awesome day throwing!


Oh man!! Please do make this! I’m not sure if I’m good enough to compete, but I would definitely go to watch, even if I couldn’t compete!

It’s not about how good you are! if there aren’t many people, there won’t be much difference in competing level. everyone should compete when they can


If it’s held on a date that I’m free, I’d drive up for this.

great to hear so !

Tha will be really cool…i will ask the other guys from Montréal.


I’m so down for this. I’m pretty sure yoyoers from Montreal will too :wink:

I’d very much appreciate it if you do that :smiley: it’ll be awesome!

Great!! Yes I hope so too :slight_smile:

I’m in fo-sho ,that would be so nice to have a yoyo contest is this area of Canada ,I,m from montreal too so it not too far for me ,if you make the contest possible i’ll be there !! :slight_smile:

Great to hear :smiley: and glad to know you too can make it! I will be meeting with the committee next week and we will be discussing this event towards further steps :slight_smile: if everything is fine, we will make it happen!

Any update? I’m not planning to compete, but I offer my help for the organization of the contest

Hey we really appreciate that and I’ll make sure to contact you :slight_smile: , yet unfortunately I didn’t not get the chance to go to the meeting scheduled last week due to my exams… so we haven’t had a chance to talk about it. However, I will definitely update after next meeting!

this would be great because there are a few yoyoers out east and going to BC for a vacation can be costly for just the contest as the purpose

And that is why we’re really looking forward to do this! Next meeting is on June 30th :slight_smile:

  • If you’re (anyone) in Toronto, feel free to PM me for information about our club :slight_smile:

Why not? Can’t be an Eastern contest without you Alexis ;D We haven’t planned anything yet, so we don’t have a date for it.

Also, no need to hide club information in PM. Everything about yoyoing in Toronto is here


I may go to watch if it is in Toronto but I cannot join the competition because I don’t have my yoyo yet… If this competition is going to be in Toronto, please notify me where and when… thx ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Any more news on this?? I’d love to go… as long as I’m not working.