Official 2009 Tn State Yo-Yo Contest Results (And some pics)

1 Sebastian Brock 99.56
2 Chris Fraser 90.62
3 Samm Scott 57.57
4 Mark Allen TN 55.53
5 Alex Curfman 54.04
6 John Bot 52.46
7 Doc Pop 47.68
8 Bradd Collins 41.81
9 Connor Ebbinghouse 39.72
10 Alex Love 36.92
11 Brandon Cole 31.13
12 Chandler Franco TN 31.10
13 Arthur foley 28.49
14 Isaac Boehman 26.45
15 Mitch Ginder 25.95
16 Aaron Hassler TN 19.75
17 Shawn Dickerson TN 19.01
18 Joey O’Brien 17.97
19 Zach Smith TN 16.61
20 Byron Gillard 16.20
21 Scott Lawless 7.28

1 Sebastian Brock 100
2 Alex Curfman 33.49
3 Mark Allen 15.23

1 Samm Scott 89.72
2 Connor Ebbinghouse 78.79
3 Doc Pop 74.43
4 Sebastian Brock 69.57
5 Brandon Cole 42.57
6 Shawn Dickerson 5.28

State Champions

  1. Mark Allen
  2. Chandler Franco
  3. Aaron Hassler

Thanks for posting the results!

Awesome. Congrats to everyone!

Cool! Is there a video of the players who competed TN yoyo contest?

Happy Throwing! =]


I have sebby’s 4a on film ;D

and all of the 1a freestyles

they will be up shortly =]


100 flat, wow :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your placement Mitch!

Haha, In the second picture. Im the guy farthest to the left. With the black shirt on.

Great pics! thanks for posting these!

It was amazing. :smiley:

yeah, sebby’s 4a was pretty sick. btw, connor, I’m thinking about having you do that rim smoothing process to one of my yyf’s. Do you think if I sent you a yoyo and paid for return shipping you could do it? You need to post a pic of that purple 888 that you have. Is that one of the “new” classics?

Yes, It is one of the “new” classics haha. Who is this anyway? Sorry I dont remember. I met lots of people there and im trying to keep all there forums names straight. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the results, and good pics, too!! It was amazing for everyone who was there (and everyone else, I guess…)
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Anybody interested in posting Samm’s 5a?

I dont have a video of it but it was awesome. :wink: