2010 Nationals picks

So I saw a thread like this that somebody started, except is was about the worlds. So who do you think will win the contest for each division? My picks:
1A: Augie Fash
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: Paul Yath
4A: Brian Figeroua
5A: Tyler Severance

but isnt Jensen from canada?

i agree ,(unless kentaro kimura comes which is unlikely) if he came he would win 3a for sureO0

1A: Ryota Ogi
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Bryan Figeroua
5A: Miguel Correa

Whoops, thats worlds.

1A: Yuuki Spencer
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: Patrick Bording (Something like that)
4A: Bran Figeroua
5A: Miguel Correa

Will win:
1a: Yuuki Spencer
2a: Patrick Mitchel
3a: Patrick Bogerding
4a: Bryan Figuroa
5a: Sterling Quinn

Judging from Miguel’s last few freestyles, I’d say he’s going downhill pretty fast. Either that or he’s just plain not trying. Sterling however is on the rise and getting better and better with each contest.
my vote goes to Sterling.

Want to win:
1a: Yuuki Spencer
2a: John Ando
3a: Daisuke Shimada
4a: Tsubasa Onishi
5a: Tyler Severance

You appear to be mixing US Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Japan Nationals.

Yeah, but how many tourneys do you see in Canada? US has a lot.

1a: Yuuki Spencer
2a: Patrick Mitchel
3a: Patrick Bogerding
4a: Bryan Figuroa
5a: Miggy

1a: Yuuki Spencer
2a: Patrick Mitchell
3a: Paul Yath
4a: Bryan Figueroa
5a: Sterling Quinn

hahahaha thanks bro

But Jensen is now on Yoyofactory, which lets him travel more and he’ll be at contests like the BAC, Worlds, Nationals, and a bunch of other contests. That’s awesome, right? :wink:

It’s alright Miggy, I believe in ya. In fact, I’m gonna place a money wager that you’ll win.
But if you don’t, and I lose my money, you shall owe me.
This will happen.
Dun dun dun…


Doesn’t change the fact that since he’s Canadian he can’t compete at US Nationals.

question do you have to be from USA to compete in US nationals?

I would guess you would have to be a resident of the area doing the contest.

Nathan sort of answered that right above you

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Yeah, I knew that. I was just saying he’s going to be at more contests now, sorry if you misunderstood me.


1A: Augie Fash
2A: Patrick Mitchell!!!
3A: Paul Yath
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Miguel Correa

1A:Yuuki Spencer
2A:Patrick Mitchell
3A:Paul Yath
4A:Brian Figueroa
5A: either Miggy or Tyler.