Predictions for Nationals 2012

(SR) #1

Hope nobdy else started this topic, because I was too lazy to check around.

Anyways, who do you think will win the 2012 National YoYo Contest?


Ben will win 4A.

Tyler will win 5A.

Hank will win 3A.

other than that- who knows?

(Owen) #3

Stecz 1a

Harris 2a

Alex hattoti 3a

Bryan figura 4a

T sev 5a

I probably spelt those names wrong


1A: Anthony Rojas, Harold Owens, Gentry Stein
2A: Joseph Harris
3A: Alex Hattori [Hank will not be participating], Elliot Ogawa, IDK…someone
4A: Bryan Figueroa, Ben Conde, Ian Johnson
5A: Tyler Severance, Miguel Correa,

(SR) #5

With so many players quitting their teams lately (yuuki, augie, etc) I really dont have a clue whos competeting/participating in 1A for sure, so I cant make an accurate guess. I think two to look out for are Anthony Rojas and James Reed. Theyre getting insanely good.



(NotATyrant) #7

Watch Conde’s performance, he’s promoting Dead Threads!!

(SR) #8


(NotATyrant) #9

YoYo Jam…but I’m mad @ him for blocking me out of the group pictures at the August Chicago Yo-Yo club


1a-harold owens gentry stein andrew maider
2a- joseph harris patrick mitchell idk
3a- eric tranton alex curfman/donald hoddgkinson
4a- Brian figeroa ben conde John narum
5a- tyler severance samm scott miguel correa


Another pat mitchel fan!

(Bína) #12

Hank now lives in Prague, he is not going to compete.


Wow, really? Didn’t see that coming.

(Bína) #14

Well, in Prague we are slowly collecting all top 3A players from world :), Now we have Hank and Kentaro.

Picture I took abouth month ago.


I dont really know much about players, Really need some help getting into it but from what I know
(no particular order)
1A:Gentry, harold owens III, james reed
2A: Joseph Harris, Patrick mitchell (Met both, both are great!)
3A: Alex hitoria (Dont know how to spell it sorry :/)
4a: Ben Conde
5a: Tyler, miguel


Augie left yyf? when?