Your own strings.

Hey guys, I was wondering, who makes there own yo yo strings and what do you make them out of and what size. If you can, put a pic of you own custom made string on this thread. I’ll take a pic of my string later.

keep it spinning™

yup those are mine,making cooler colors now though

I make my own strings because I ran out of strings and the nearest YoYo shop is 40 km away. They are made of 100% cotton i think, they are made of sewing thread. They are type 8, because I’m paranoid about them breaking. I string them to 2 chairs, 2.5 meters away, start winding them around both chairs, so there are 8 strands there. Then, i remove them from 1 chair, tie them together, attach it to a drill and start spinning for 35 seconds.

Then i put a padlock on the thing as a weight and to iron out any imperfections in the string,then tie the two ends together, and let it twirl.
An Official™ 5 Pack™ of Cotton Rust Mored™ Blue Edition Strings™!

I make mine out of poly and nylon.

Hey Jeromy, how many strands of strings are pfs?

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I don’t follow the regular thread count system, I have a special thickness I use, it is simular to slick 6 but not the same.


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i make mine out of nylon and poly too…i got the idea from jeromy k…its pretty nice but i cant upload it