Your most beat up yoyo.

Post a picture of your most beat yoyo. Tell the story if there is one!

Who has the worst one?

I don’t have a picture, but Jake Bullock’s bape was murdered years ago, I’d love to see it now.

I just posted about how my day old to me gradient fell off string and onto concrete today. So there’s that.

No pic,Sidekick pro Kaleb USA, my outdoor yoyo.

Can someone plz find Jrods near mint throws?
Edit nvm I found it.
It’s not mine but it’s beautiful.

This one is pretty beat
because I do things like this with it

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Ouch! Seeing that hurts, the Supernova is my second favorite to my Space Cowboy.

didnt mean to thank you for this. Kinda quite pained by this but at least you play with it.

Hi five lol

I’ve been searching and searching for that picture of the Onedrop Project that a bunch of guys wrecked in a parking lot at Worlds/Nationals (can’t remember the story exactly).

I’ve never seen another yoyo so dinged and dented, but I can’t find the picture anywhere. Where are Steve Brown or Saintrobyn when you need 'em eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can remember that original purple/green trainwreck of Tyler’s that literally lived up to it’s name.
It was barely recognizable as a yoyo by the time they finished that video!

Look on onedrop’s flickr, I was just there it is on their oldest page.

My word… he’s right!

Good job that S3TH! ;D

I thought they ended up shooting that Project.

i wonder if its vibey? :smiley:

As long as they didn’t unscrew it then I’m sure it was fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks like tabs project

It is Tab’s.

I think the worst yoyo I’ve ever seen that got that way through legitimate use was Steve Browns white Espionage. Its been posted on here a few times, I’m sure.

Not sure exactly when or how exactly it happened, but sometime between 10pm Friday night and 10am Saturday morning, I bend the axle on my Replay Pro. takes off hat, holds over heart

That Project is the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen.