Your Grab n Go throw

What yoyo do you usually grab when you, go to school? Go to work? Around the house? On a trip? Or just always the yoyo you reach for when you feel some yo coming on?

Whatever is closest to me really. But whenever I’m leaving the house I normally bring a yoyo that has a lot of dings so I dont have to worry too much about it, like my Nickel Dang.

I’m at work most of the time, and as a journalist I don’t get many breaks to do anything except to eat. Maybe. Sometimes. OK, rarely.

But I carry a YYF One because it’s small, inexpensive (in case I damage or lose it) and if anyone wants to try it, it’s a great “beginning” throw to give a go.

So far I’ve gotten one coworker to try out yoyoing and another coworker immediately recognized it and began a conversation with me. Turns out he collects yoyos and has an extensive assortment of Kuhns.

While at home, I tend to go with either my Paul Han ONEstar or Capless.

My Grab n’ Go is my Northstar, hands down. Relatively inexpensive, and performs just as well as anything in my collection.


Diamondback has been the most common one recently.

  1. CLYW Avalanche
  2. General Yo KLR (B-Grade)
  3. YYF Severe

Right now, a protostar or a C-sized dash. Probably add in the popstar once it comes in the mail.

Since I dinged it today it’s my all blue model 10 I have a few so it’s all good now after the first ding its all smooth sailing to tricks land lol

I grab my DV888 just because I’m comfortable with letting people use it and it’s been dinged a lot.

Anything. All of my throws are candidates to be grabbed when I go.

What throw do you find your hand wandering to the most though?

The one I throw the most in general is probably my El Ranchero right now, though the Punchline is making a strong showing. :slight_smile: So either of those.

Took my Wrath today because it was a gift from my wife. I mean, it’s a wonderful throw so there’s that, but mainly I want my wife to see that I value the gift she got me. :wink:

Definitely my Gsquared Triton. I was all about my avalanche but the triton just takes me to the moon and back, and must accompany around the house and everywhere now!

cascade or classic

My Majesty Cliff Zen 4 and the Protostar I will be getting.

My g funk

Whatever has a working response system as in the silicone is intact.