Your Goldilocks yoyo

We all know that when it comes to yoyos, there are a lot of variables. Some are too heavy, some too light. Some too dark, some too bright, others too wide and yet others just right. Ok def jam is over, but lets hear it, which yoyo do you think is just right for you? For me, I’d have to say my Yellow Y-Factor is king of the collection.

The best yoyo in my current opinion is YYF Frantic for a metal, and for my plastic favorite I would have to say my XminusmikeX Modded FHZ. My Lyn Fury is just behind it, I guess that means I am finally over my Protostar… odd I haven’t thought about it in awhile.




i don’t know.
i haven’t find the perfect yoyo for me.
genesis is little bit too heavy, severe is little bit too light…


Medium sized yoyo, average weight, wide gap, durable, grows with you…
I’ve impressed so many people using my Legacy…

Especially when I go to my weekly mall yoyo workshop! ;D

So far out of all the ones I’ve tried, DMv1.

I would have to agree with Kristiawan with the fact that I haven’t found it yet, but at the moment my regulus is pretty close.

I am always looking to try new things but my RecRev i is always one of the first I go to mainly because of how it feels in my hand and how it plays for me.

I haven’t thrown a yoyo that is just right for me, but my New Breed is probably my main throw at the moment, even despite the vibe I gave due to accidently hitting it on the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Protege. It fits in my small hands perfectly and doesn’t hurt when it returns to my hand. It can do pretty much anything so I use it a lot. I love how cheap it is for what it can do. The black color is cool and looks good with the other black yoyos in my collection.



Not too big, not too small
Rounded shape, but has a slight H profile. (I hate H shape yoyos, and love rounded. It’s nice to have a happy medium)
Colorful (blue/green), but the splash doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME”
Form, function

that is all

the tres leche by crucial
perfect weight can be used super fast or slow

dont have it but:

64.8 grams
2.05 inches
shape of a wider but smaller NVx
10Ball Bearing

Kpad response.


Depends on the mood of the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My G5 i love the H-shape

Haven’t found it yet but the genesis and yuuksta come darn close