Your First YoYo? Your latest?


my first yoyo was a duncan mosquito.
my latest yoyo is a newton skywalker. got it at 2010 BAC like 2days ago.


First yoyo that got me throwing to this level was Duncan Mosquito.
First ever yoyo was a Yomega X brain

Latest is a Protostar ^^


first was a misquito

Latest was a G5


Very first? I don’t remember

Latest was an inca





Yomega Fireball

Dif-e-Yo IT

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

Duncan Reflex, GNARWHAL!!!


That was fast of you…which version?


Well now I feel old. I started on a Jaru, then moved to a sonic spin about 12 years ago. Dropped it for about 11.9 years, and picked it up again 11 months ago. Now I’m expecting a trinity. I’m gonna name it Joe.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #10

Blue, I havn’t actually gotten it yet but I bought it.


Nice,Hope you like it :slight_smile:


My first yoyo was a YYJ Dark Magic
Im getting a CLYW Hulk Smash Edition Wooly Marmot


First yoyo:
Yomega Fireball

Dark Magic

And on the road for an all metal!


I think my very first yoyo was a Yomega Fireball…

The yoyo that really got me into yoyoing was a PGM.

My latest? Well I got my Dienasty, Genesis and 44 at the same time… So they are all my latest!


My first yoyo- YYF FAST 201. (I’m pretty sure it was louder then a leaf-blower).

Latest- YYF Protostar (AMAZING!!).

(Johnny rocks!!!) #16

first yoyo: a yo-yo party favor, but if you don’t count that than a duncan butterfly.

latest yoyo: punchline.


First: Duncan Dragonfly
Latest: b-grade Tactic

(Thomas) #18

My first yoyo: I have no idea what it was called but is was all metal and did not have a ball bearing.

My latest yoyo: My ministar, hatrick, trinity.


My first yo yo was a Duncan metal zero and my latest was a frantic.


Fireball, shortly after that moved to a Mosquito. Moving on to a more advanced YYF.