Your first Master Level Trick?

I was woundering since i am strating master level tricks, what was your first trick? I’m working on white buddah

I just landed White Buddha yesterday and it’s the only Master level trick that I can do. Now, I can land it about 1 every 3 times without making mistakes. I did it first because it seemed like it was the easiest one. Now, I just started practicing And Whut.

first trick is and whute. and i learned it with my big deal today! i was stoked.

and whut

yuuki slack.

I just landed And Whut!!!

The first Master trick I attempted was And Whut, but the first one I pulled off was White Buddha.

hour glass, it’s so easy

Definatly white buhdda, i think it shouldn’t even be in the master section. More like advanced 2.

ya know i am on to and whut but i mess up when you land the yoyo in the triangle a pop it out front, but ya i will get it

The first master trick I landed was and whut, but I have only just mastered this last week or so, I had been working on it for about 3 weeks previous, stupid pop at the end was doing my head in.

yes same i cannot do with my bassalope, but with my big deal it is so easy! i am confused haha, with my bassalope i keep goin over top string to.

plan d is pretty easy as well.

thats not in the learn section
Ladder escape

First: White Buddha, very easy.
Second: Yuuki Slack, very cool.

My first on was Yuuki slack

– Atomic Bounce

the wrist mount is the most amazing formation!

  1. White Buddha
  2. And Whut
  3. Yuuki Slack

I’m learning Ladder Escape now, I can do parts 1 and 3 fairly consistently but I cant get part 2 where Andre lands on the ladder “rungs” twice.

I started to learn hourglass, but then i went and learned yuuki slack

video or it didnt happen!