What trick took you to the next level?


I feel like some tricks have the potential to awaken you to some key “mechanics”. What trick made you go to the next level??

Some for me were Cold Fusion, Kwijibo and Chocolate Bucket.

Let me hear what unlocked your secret yoyo powers. Videos accommodating lesser known tricks would be appreciated!


(Owen) #2

1.5 mount did it for me.

And yuuki slack.

And Eli hops.

And my own intuition of course.


Hmmm I don’t know why but jade whip did it for me and suicide


I never had any of the basic tricks effect me as much as Yuuki slack; it was so easy to do and showed me how to react to slacks.

But in all honesty, the tricks I tried to copy/imitate from contest videos were the ones that moved me the furthest. Especially Christopher Chia’s tricks.


I think that it was snap start, I was always so depressesed when I messed up and had to wind the yoyo up, but snap start gave me hope haha, and I could just have better practice sessions


I think it was the 1.5 mount for me first, then kwijibo, then and whut.

(sushi) #8

ladder escape


you cant do ladder escape -_- … heck ya cant even do matrix! dont lie to make yourself look better, its annoying and rude!


but anyways learning eli hops made me feel GREAT!!!


Kwijibo by far. I had a hard time with it so when I originally didi it other tricks seemed easier. Now I can do Kwijibo in my sleep.


Brent Stole really brought me there.


I would say so far the Bee Sting, I was learning it this weekend and made me realize what I have been doing wrong in general.
I would throw a break away and then turn towards it and catch my trapeze, After I finally went… hey wait … a min here… and noticed what I have been doing for a very long time… it took me about 30 min to correct myself and almost unlearn what i have been doing for a long time now.

Now I can land it prolly 6 out of 10 times =P im quite compulsive and play A LOT. won’t take me long at all =)

(Jerrod) #14



matrix it just gave me hope to be able to do a trick that looked kind of cool.


I think there are different levels
first I got barrel roll
then kwijibo
then ladder escape
then yuuki slack / soiled panties
now im all on my own =/


Green triangle, and Gyro Flop didn’t get into making my own tricks after those

(Alex Fairhurst) #18


The extra wrap Yuji gets around his TH really opened up a lot of possibilities for me. It’s so simple, but you can do so many things with it. Wave slack and Yuuki slack also helped me understand some neat things I can do with slack.

(WildCat23) #19

I would have to say Boing-E-Boing. When I learned Boing-E-Boing, something snapped, and I just got better. It just seemed to make sense if you know what I mean. It was like learning a trick, and not getting how to do it, then going back to it and all of a sudden you get it. It also added flow to my style; something it was previously lacking.


I don’t think I’m at the next level yet. I was yoyoing for a few years got out of it then back in and after three years Im still not happy with the level of my skill. I stopped learning tricks a while ago can’t even do kwijibo at this point. Instead I started making my own tricks and combos and I think when people were finally impressed by these moves I came up with in my mind I think that kept me in it for longer. Now I still can’t do kwijibo but instead come up with things that are much more impressive, at least to me. Not to sound cocky or anything haha :wink: