the trick that started it all

just curious what trick you learned or maybe even watched that convinced you that you wont be putting down a yoyo til your hands fall off.

for me it had to have been either suicides or eli hops, it’s especially fun doing them together!

I think the trick that made me love to throw so much i got my first blister was kwijibo. I remember landing it I thought it was so awesome, I still can’t resist throwing it into my freestyles sometimes. ;D

I watch and whut and superman that looks really cool and makes me learn more tricks

For me, it was the sleeper. :wink:

Felt that way about split the atom… Then I put it down for 2 years. Haven’t gone a day without throwing since seeing Doc’s Experiment #4… so any of those tricks.

the mach 5…other tricks i learn and sometimes forget about, but some reason i try and throw it every day.

I restarted yoyoing again after a year bcoz i picked up my yoyo and did what my instinct told me to do. It turns out that the trick was ‘and whut’. It all came naturally and i was surprised. that made me restart yoyoing again :smiley:

yep, kwijibo had me throwin’ all day

Watching Tommy Smother’s looping.

watching Oouch do Buddha’s Revenge in front of a Yomega banner.

Trapeze, honestly, it was so cool the first time I saw it, and when I first landed it, it felt like such a reward.

Seeing André Boulay throw a wrist whip on youtube. Got me to come back after 10 years and of course get a DM1 :wink:

Nuff said ;D

Anyone watch the suite life on deck? Remember the yoyo episode? It was Yohan Yo (Grant Johnson’s) loops, and then Cody’s (Cole Sprouse’s) trapeze. I thought trapeze was so cool. So, I got a yoyo, X’mas ‘09. 1 hour later: Bonk! Awww… it broke. So we wait another year. I get another yoyo, for 2010 X’mas. I’m yoyoing, doing british flag, rocking the baby, eifel tower, and I think I’m so cool, so I say, “ya know whut, I bet I am like, intermideate level” so I find… you guesed it, Andre. Well, it turned out I was beginner. I loved the look of the DM. So, I bought one… Here we are, 3 months after the day I started yoyoing for realz, I started with my DM on Jan. 3 2011. I can do white buddha, yuuki slack, bunch o’ other stuff. I have a DTI Beast , a Dv888 a 54 and currently, my DM is “safely” on my teachers desk. [sarcasm]It has only been stolen off of her desk 3 times!!! I know right? So little? [/sarcasm] anyway… I love yoyoing. sorry about the book. Oh yeah just to be clear,

the trick that started it was trapeze

Eli hops.

Dang 1slave25 you learn fast. does everybody learn that fast? ive been yoyoing for over six months and im just now getting spirit bomb down. and for the question i would say split the atom

This happened to me and my brother (except for the Yoyo breaking at Christmas twice part). I didn’t get one until 1 month after my bro got his Raider from Walmart. :smiley:

yuuki slack, revolutions, ladder escape. Especially yuuki slack. Me and my friends were all like that’s awsome, and the fact it was named after such a sucsesive yoer helped.

Rock the Baby :slight_smile:

trapeze. I thought to myself, wow, I’ll never be that good. Now I’m 80 times better.