Got my first Master level trick today and scared my wife to death


I know many of you are way past this point, but I literally screamed and woke my wife up from a nap when I landed “And Whut” today! Love the feeling of nailing a new trick for the first time. It was worth all the yelling I had to hear afterward :wink:


lol ;D


hAHA! niiice. You should have heard the rant i did when i landed ladder escape the first time (not 2 weeks ago i think)… ;D

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Off topic. But Climber, I sooo have rights to your sig! :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha nice man. It is fun when you get a new trick down. I’m sure your wife absolutely loved you waking her up. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was definitely something worthy of waking up for! ;D Congrats!

Nice job man. I really want to learn ladder escape but I can’t figure out the mount lol. I can almost get Hour Glass though ;D


there is 2 ways to get on to the ladder mount, try he shows the 2 ways to get to a ladder mount


Lol I finally figured it out. Thanks to andre


once you get the mount it’s easy, well it is long but it just lots of simple landing, good luck

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Dude, respect! There is no better feeling.


Gratz on your first master trick man! I should go back and learn ladder escape again. It seems like i have forgotten it amidst the other stuff im doing right now.


Today I shouted the hell out of the forest I was in when I landed Plastic Whip for my first time…

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Funny. When I land a new trick I respond by utter silence. (and awe)