Your Favorite YYF Player?

Vote away! I put this in the video section thinking I’d add YYF player videos, put I decided not to and didn’t want to rewrite this in the gereral section. Please move this.

The poll will run for 10 days.

Aren’t David Ung and Chris Fraser YYF players too?

And Paul Han

Update, with new players added.
I know they also have a really awesome 4a player, but I forgot his name. Anybody know it?

eiji okuyama.

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My favourite is vashek kroutil he is awesome.

w00t Augie fans unite!

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Easily Yuuki.

I love Paul Han’s style, but i noticed he likes to talk in the middle of his performances.
Oh well, GO PAUL HAN!!!

Oh yea I forgot to say Sterlig Quinn. The most enjoyable 5a by FAR. Hee seems to be better at incorporating that CW and it’s movement instead of just spinning it around.

JOHN ANDO You guys come on!!! :o

I love his 2A and I also love his signature yoyo the PROTOSTAR!!


Ando isn’t bad, I like his 2A stuff a little bit too, however, Augie is my favorite YYF Player overall :smiley: He is just so much fun to watch :smiley:

i vote tyler

I vote Augie

Tyler. Watch the severe promo vid. Jeez.

It was a toughie, but I ended up going with Tyler.

hey!!! julius szakolczai is a yoyofactory yoyo-er. he may not be as popular a yuuki or ando, but he is a better yoyoer than tyler severance. >:(

I vote vashek. I just love the way his hand moveing. . .

Augie is best. Period.