Your favorite yo-yo player?

(Joseph) #21

Andrew Maider

(shubham) #22

I like all but from beginning I like this player:-
Hiroyuki Suzuki.


gonna have to agree with ya on that one.


My favorite yoyo player is @smileypants707!

({John15}) #25

Aw shucks :blush:

(Ethan Phelps) #26

Evan nagal, (can’t link the stuff right now, might try to later)

(André Boulay) #27

Do you mean Evan Nagao?* :wink:

(shubham) #28

What’s his real name and did he participate in any yo-yo contest?

({John15}) #29

My real name is smileypants… And no, not any formal contests.

(shubham) #30


(Ethan Phelps) #31

Ya however it’s spelled XD


Yes! This!

(Victorian YoYos) #33

If I HAD to pick one, I’d be Evan Nagao
But here’s top 5 (not in order)
Paul Dang


He participated in and won… the yoyo contest for my heart :heart: :1st_place_medal:


Since most of my favorites will be mentioned, I’m going to mention one that some of the new guys may not know, but should.

Jason Lee

And many more videos, which sadly I can’t find the ones I really wanted to post :confused: I hope they haven’t been taken down.


Janos karancz, if not for him I might not be yoyoing today.


Yuu Fujita for sure

(André Boulay) #38

Jason is one of my all time favorites too. Good choice!


Jason Lee is #2 for me. His video loyal is one of my favorites ever made.

(Justin ) #40

I love Keiran Cooper. @keiranc :heart_eyes::kissing_heart: