Your fav string


Gstring and Mirage :slight_smile:

(Kei) #2

Did you just change your post???


eh I just use YYN highlights. whatever haha


theres thread like this before right?
but whatever ;D ;D

i like highlights and YYE string (what does it called anyway ???)


That Brazillian Mondo string. Its lovely and slippy. Its a bit like bubblegum though, It loses its flavour after a while…Know what I mean?


The ones I make or myself and YYE string

(yoyo jake) #7

yyn highlights and mine

(DOGS) #8



Chaos 422 and TheYo brite lights. The only thing that gets me about the Chaos string, though, is the way that it twists up when it needs its tension adjusted.

(JonasK) #10

Anything else than white 100% poly can bite the dust.


Mine, and PerfectFit.


I like alchemy and 100% poly.

(Punchline101) #13


(Q) #14

Snake Skin all the way my friends


Yeah boyyyeeeeeee!


AirGlow, G-String PX & SSE, PerfectFit and not SnakeSkinString lol.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #17

sick string, perfect fit, spider string :o, and YYE 100% poly :slight_smile:

(Q) #18

Are you workin’ on my order yet Son?

(Mack) #19

ive been wanting to try those, arent they the ones your supposed to be able to wash and get a 2nd use out of em?


You’re thinking Vulto.