Your experiences with shipping yoyos.


Any interesting stories to tell about your experiences shipping or receiving yoyos? Tell me about them!

As for me, my experiences had always been good, so even though i almost always refuse to ship out of the country, i finally decided that it would be safe to ship my ti-walker out of the country, to canada. UN-fortunately, i was wrong and my yoyo was signed, sealed, and lost in the post. The other member of my trade shipped out his yoyo at the same time as i did. I received the wooly marmot and 888 about 2 weeks after he sent them, but he never got my ti-walker. I waited about 3 months, and finally, i sent him his yoyos back, and he received them in about 2 weeks. Sadly, the ti walker remains missing to this day.


I ordered a box of Duncan imperials on eBay (60+ to give away to kids) received a box three weeks later. It was stamped BOX DAMAGED and NO CONTENTS. Packing peanuts… Got my money back but way less smiles.


Ordered my Canvas from the clywstore and it took a month to get here, in Georgia. And when I got it, the inner rims had dirt/dust on them. Cleaned it up, and it was perfect. Didnt affect the paint or anything so I didnt worry about it. Other than that, Its all been good. Which I only order from yye for the most part anyways. And shipping normally arrives within 3 days. Crazy fast!


Its all been good here.
Hopefully one of the people I’ve traded with comment something about the little notes I put in almost all if my packages.