Yoyoman13371337 Positive Purchase Experience

To get this out of the way the hardest thing was waiting for the yo-yo itself due to this user living far from me haha. yoyoman13371337 lives in Russia and I live in the United States.

Everything went smoothly with my purchase and this user was really nice and straight forward.

I purchased a Players Only Dang from this user and it came shipped and packaged nicely with proper protection.

The yo-yo came unscratched and as described.

Something that some users dislike but I don’t mind is how he lays out his yo-yos for sale. He posts his yo-yos on sale in different replies as time goes on. I don’t mind this because it’s still relatively easy to PM yoyoman13371337 about the yo-yo that someone would want to purchase.

Overall I would but from yoyoman13371337 if he has another throw I’m interested in.
Link to the user.


Just got a package from @Yoyoman13371337.

Perfectly packaged, shipped timely, always a pleasure!

Thanks Pavel!

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