Your embarrassing confession?

Okay I got one more. Most of my yo-yos are loopers or undersized. Because of this I rarely successfully land a trapeze unless I grab my one regular sized yoyo.


I’ll add on to this, I only know one tower and it’s only because I accidentally got into it one time and remembered how after lol


I’m terrible at doing tricks, so I stopped trying to learn a lot of them and instead I just spend like 10-15 minutes every day entertaining my cat and dog with sleepers.


I’ll jump on the injury bandwagon…hit my left eyebrow with a Speedaholic XX. Bled forever and now I have a lovely scar.

I also string-burned open my finger trying to learn super flow.

I can’t do the basic tower because I skipped it.

I don’t know if I can actually do kwijibo because once I learned the hop up and crossed arms part, I started using that with other elements and forgot to finish learning the rest. Same with the matrix kick-out.


I am a grown man that plays with yo-yo’s. What more embarrassing confession can I make?


I lurk @drewtetz old IG footage when he use to post more yoyo content. Way ahead of the fray even back before 2016, so much style and simple complexity. :ok_hand:


I’m with you. I just enjoy throwing and not trying to do much fancy. I’ve actually been practicing the “First 10” tricks just to have something to show people. Though I hate doing tricks in front of people.,


Im still pretty beginner/intermediate but I have a smallish trick vocabulary because I keep trying to learn long combos/tech stuff. I’m getting there this isnt that embarrassing. I don’t know DNA because I am kind of just not interested in it? I want to know it, maybe later on I’ll gain interest for learning it.

My most embarrassing is probably that I already dinged my wyvern’s egg cerakote wyvern… It was so dumb too I got like 5 little dings in one go :grimacing: at least the dings are black. It still plays perfect so its my every day carry yoyo now. It’s like losing all your souls in a souls game. Feels awful but at the same time sets you free.


I am really rough with my yoyos so 90% of them are dinged.
I’ve been yoyoing on and off for 5-6 years and only now decided to get serious about yoyoing and learn advanced tricks
I dont really like bimetals. I find them too heavy and I hate the clunky feeling when it hits the end of the string.
After 5 years, I still struggle with Boing-E-Boing and Eli hops because I have NO sense of rhythm.


I started yoyoing at five years old. The first four years of my life were such a waste :disappointed:.


@skitrz Welcome back. Lots of new faces around here since you went on your siesta!


@ChrisFrancz Sooooo many new faces! I hope my ogerly presence doesn’t scare them off but…
It’s good to have the time to post a bit and check out the forums. Ski season is super busy for me. Thanks for the welcome!


I was cut bad by very nice bimetal yo-yo once.

I was very upset.
I did really like the throw, but once a yo-yo has bitten you…
you have to put it down.
This is the embarrassing part.
I dismembered it hung onto the parts for a few months, threw each part away on a different trash day over a few weeks.
Very di Gregorio ( day go wop ) of me.


in some yoyos that are very loud, i purposefully overlube the bearing just to make it quiet.


I do that too actually.

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I really like the way your sentence reads……

The way you worded it makes it seem that your girlfriend smacked you in the head with a yo-yo and then applied a bag of frozen peas to your head, lol.

Obviously I know what you meant…. But it’s still funny…:wink:


Hahaha it does read like that, grammar and wording are important folks! Although there are times where I probably deserve a good yoyo-smack from her lol


My confession: When I cut my yo-yo string, I like to leave the ends as messy and frayed as possible. I don’t know why, I just think it looks cool.




Dude I’ve been throwing for over a decade and I still wind up a dead yoyo too. I’m at a pretty advanced level throwing. I can kinda do some fancy starts but I just prefer winding it up I guess.