Your dream ano/tattoo/colorway design :)?

What is your dream colorway or ano tatooing combo?
Mine would be a green yoyo with the Monster Import emblem
tattooed on the sides in silver :). How about you guys?

A TFL, that is 2 tone, green/orange. The orange side says “BUY A PRUIS” in green. The Green side says “BUY A PRUIS” in orange. lol.


I’d like a yoyo that was green/blue acid wash… One side shows more green with the blue accenting, and the otherside shows more blue with the green accented…

So I see you likes the Prius. Lolz.

I’d like a black half and a yellow half. With a Zack Blast picture on the sides. Oh shi~ I just cant get enough of him.

I love blue so the polar berry drip is my favorite so far followed by the sea foam that is on a genesis. I like green and purple as well but blue is the icing on a cake for me.