Which side of my G2 Triton looks better?

MonkeyFinger Design does some great anodizes. This triton is the blue to yellow fade colorway. It is an amazing YoYo, you can find it here- http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/959/G-Squared-Triton

This is my entry for “The Splash Game!” Contest ran by TA. Thanks for holding an amazing contest!
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That yo-yo looks fantastic. I went with the right…more balanced.

Yup, I like how the splash is both vertical and horizontal rather than the left which is just one.


I like the left

I like both haha, amazing looking and playing yoyo.

Bump! Please vote :slight_smile:

Gotta be the right for me. Loving the cross-crossing. :slight_smile:

Honestly like both sides, look beautiful left and right. Since i had to pick, right

Woop woop! Thanks for your input. Keep voting :slight_smile:

I’m a left kinda guy

I like the left.

+1 vote :wink:


Left. The green formes a claw