YoyoFactory - TooH.O.T. - TotalArtist x YoyoExpert Galaxy #2 [Winner GIJoey959]

Which side should I display in my case? Vote left or right in the poll above, and comment your vote, for a chance to win a new glow Northstar. A very special thanks to those who supported TA x YYE YoyoFactory TooH.O.T. I’ll announce the winner the same time day the other prize is announced (hopefully Monday). :wink:

2HOT by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

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Right because it looks a bit more subtle and controlled with its splash

I went with the left because of that drip in the cup at the bottom. I love that look. :slight_smile:

Left no contest. dat dribbly goodness.

that paint explosion on the left… i love this one almost more then the giveaway too hot

Why not both so you dont have this dilemma?

It’s a game, and how do you display on both sides at the same time? If you want to vote…vote, if not don’t.

Definitely right this time. Look at that black universe of space with red galaxies all over, the cosmos could never have been more beautiful (unless it were green ::))

Right. It has an understated classy look. It’s almost relaxing to look at.

Right, colors are more balanced. 8)

I vote right. I like the light and dark contrasts. Another nice throw. I’d love to have a piece of your art. Awesome work!

Left because it’s brighter.

Left. I like the outward spread of the pink better than the splash on the right.

Left …

That sun burst going on is so cool

I would pair that left, with your other left :wink:

Right side, the left side has too much red. While the right side has all the colors.

Right one as it looks bit more mild and look cool.



Right, subtle is the new black