YoyoFactory - TooH.O.T. - TotalArtist x YoyoExpert Galaxy #1[Winner DarkMagic53]

Which side should I display in my case? Vote left or right in the poll above, and comment your vote for a chance to win this specific splashed TotalArtist x YoyoExpert YoyoFactory TooH.O.T. Vote here or on Instagram @YoyoExpert, and maybe you could be chosen as the lucky winner.

TooHOT by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

These are dropping tonight at 8pm EST, exclusively here at YoyoExpert. Don’t miss out! :wink:


that left is amazing so much color and splash…

i need this yoyo in my life i will do anything to get it!!!

I thought left would sweep this one. :o

Right for me. A more pure “YYE” colourway.

Pff, Left. Do I even need to post?

Left, by far

Left side rules supreme. Both sides are excellent tho, what an awesome throw.

I like right because it looks more like a YYE colorway. Left looks like someone splashed red on top of Golden Galaxy.

Left. The gold/red/black splash is <3

Love the left but gotta say the right from purely YYE asthetics.


I have to say… Left! It shows uniqueness… And that is what makes TA… TotalArtist!

The left for sure, way more interesting variations.

Left! It’s more unique

Left–but not by much!

I am going for the left. The right is also very nice since it has that YYE look, but I like bright colors more. This yoyo looks more beautiful than my Auldey Magnum!!! :grin: I love it.

I am a south paw, but I vote RIGHT on this one.

the only colors that ROCKS is on the right of my screen.


Voted for left as it looks cool and the right one looks more like zurple x golden galaxy kind of colorway.

Left is what I would display, but the right is distinctly YYE

Right is more YYE, left is more "Dragonslayer, in my opinion. I voted left. I love the little bit of yellow.