YoyoFactory - TooH.O.T. - TotalArtist x YoyoExpert Galaxy #1[Winner DarkMagic53]

left is better looking, but the right represent yye better

This has got to be the fastest 20 votes ever.

Hmmm. I think I should Splash Game another one of these tomorrow, for the chance to win a glow Northstar.


I love them both! So hard to decide…

Left, it has so much personality. But, the right is YYE and so dark and brooding ::slight_smile:

the right is the only new colorway that is not too dark and ugly…


Right, purer YYE colorway. Too much goin on on the left.

But atleast it isn’t white and gold or black and blue because that’ll start riots…

When do we know who the winner is?

I gotta go with left- there’s so much color!

Both colorways look incredible, but I’m gonna go with the left. It’s true that the right is more classically YYE, but the gold-orange on the left gives the yoyo an element of “heat”, if you will-- very fitting for a yoyo called the Too H.O.T. It’s “Too H.O.T.” for the classic YYE colors! (cheesy, I know)

I think it’s left. It has the classic yye colors, yet at the same time has the classic yyf galaxy splash flavor we’ve grown to love. And look at a picture of a galaxy, it’s much closer to a galaxy. The right is kinda like a gas cloud, which is cool but not a galaxy. And ps I like walruses, and walruses are nice and as wise as elephants and a walrus would tell you that I’d love that yoyo. And my one year of yoyoing day is coming up so it’d really make it special :D.

Im feeling left just because of the extra fruitiness of it.
Right has a more YYE feel to it.

Left, I really like the mix colorway.


They both look amazing! but the left just seems more vibrant! go with the left side.

Tough choice. Left has a messier hub, right has messier rims. I’d probably go left, for the hues though

I say left. More interesting stuff going on.

They both look great, but LEFT for the win

Right-It seems to be calm and smooth as everything is nicely blending into each other. All the colors just match perfect!

The left side is TOO HOT!