OD X CLYW Summit Hot/Fire/Lava colorway

Right or left?

Left…appears more balanced to me.

Darn it! I hit the wrong button.

I vote right. I like a bit more splash in the old cups.

This also is the exact same as my Puffin. Same colourway, same “splash in one cup, none in the other”… maybe it was a theme with this colourway…

Very pretty! I like the left :slight_smile:

I say left. I like the red with the little bit of yellow and orange.

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^I like left to it is much more balanced the right just has alittle too much yellow in my opinion

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Um guys PLS comment your votes cause I see 11 votes and only 5 comments

Left! I like the print on the right, but the left splash looks cooler.

I like the left side with the print too Thanks for voting by the way


I like the right more yellow look sick.


I like the right! The yellow looks nice.

cmon guys that right side only has 5 votes show it a little more love cause its feeling alone and neglected you have to vote for it dont forget to comment

I like the one on the left. The right side one has too much yellow for me.

Thanks for voting man

The right seems like it would look better spinning.

Good choice the right needed a little love cause everyone els is voting left

Thanks for the vote man

I love the yellow on the right.