One Drop - Summit - YoyoExpert Edition (logo side)

Which logo side of my Summits is best?
Summit YYE Edition (logo side) by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

The one to the left totally. Or you could just send it to me so that i could get a closer look? Haha

I had a real tough time choosing between these two. I went right, but they are both great. :wink:

I’d have to go left too!

When I first bought them, I loved the left one so much more, but then the right grew on me and took over. :smiley: So…I know what you mean.

I think right. Just the engraving on black looks awesome!

And I like how the red makes a semi-circle on the right.

Didn’t notice that! Very cool!

Left hands down. Although right is nice also.


Left is more even