YoyoFactory - TooH.O.T. - TotalArtist x YoyoExpert Galaxy #2 [Winner GIJoey959]


Right is more subtle and calm

Gotta go with left

Put it in vertically, duh. Now you can see both halves.

Right, it just looks better

Right, it’s the right one to choose. ;D

Left, the red gives a nice look and a cool feel to the throw :slight_smile:

I’m actually going with the right on this one… It just looks more balanced. The left has too much sold red

Left, right has too much gray

Right. More balanced.



Comment votes are closed for the prize.

Do you have set time yet?

No, but working on this one now.

Yeah, put it in vertically to see both cups? No, duh. This isn’t a yo-yo profile contest. Oh, and that answer didn’t qualify for a free Northstar. Nice bump though haha.

And, we have a winner of the Northstar…


You had like a 1/28 chance of winning, so this one was pretty easy to do. Thanks to everyone who cast a vote.  Thank you for playing Splash Game, and now, for playing a new YoyoFactory throw too.

my last hope for getting a free yoyo is the too hot give away…maybe i need to double cross another friend.

LOL. I already won a glow Northstar from the splash game awhile ago. I just enterd in this one so I could give it to a thrower in need somewhere

I finally won something. Let’s see if the luck holds for the 2hot

No such luck for me, lol! ;D