You want to hear a sad story?

Well, with all this Monkey Finger talk, I figured I’d post my tale of woe. I have bought, sold and traded many yoyos. On the whole, I’ve traded up, but not always.

This is the story of how I lost three Sea Monkeys.

I got a prototype, and a production run because I was associated with yyws at the time. I bought a third with the idea of having a competition set, and I also liked the color.

I eventually sold one for what I bought it for (not a tragedy but I could have gotten more if I’d waited). But I still had two left, I was fine.

A little later, after YYWS folded, I ran into someone who said they had always wanted a Seamonkey, and they tempted me with a “MIB Bombsquad Avant Garde 2”. You know I’m a sucker for undercuts, so I agreed to trade, not liking to let go of a YYWS throw, but I still had one left, right?

Well, I got scammed. I got a horribly beaten vaguely undercut throw (knockoff Yoyofactory?), with a bunch of weird white wall paint on it.

But at least I still had the one Seamonkey, the one I got from my association with YYWS. I was never going to trade or sell it, it was special to me.

But a friend of mine asked to try it. So I sent it over, with the idea that he would send it back, and be very careful with it.

The yo-yo never reached him. I tracked it the whole time, and it somehow went to a military postal location on Texas, and hasn’t been seen since. I also neglected to insure it. (D’oh!)

So that’s my very sad story of the day. Do you have any similar? Have you lost any awesome throws? Misery loves company…


Damn man, that’s hard to read…especially about the a-hole who straight up scammed you :frowning:


Yeah, it was really odd. It was clearly a scam, so why did he bother sending me a yo-yo at all? Why not a rock?


I can not understand a scam. This week I traded a yoyo and sold a yoyo. Even as the packages left my hands over the post office counter I was scared I missed seeing or photographing a miniscule blemish and I will get bad feedback which is not as horrible as an unhappy trader or buyer. It’s less stressful to just give yoyos away! Since a majority of yoyo social media is people using fancy screen names it’s easy to scam people and disappear and resurface with a new screen name and brand new squeeky clean reputation.


Kind of. One of my “sentimental throws” mysteriously disappeared.
It was a F.A.S.T 201. The first real yoyo i bought myself. It always had issues with the response system (some flexible plastic strips with nipples) which made me so angry at some point, that i wanted to throw it in the river.
Instead, i removed the response system very careful in a complex surgery, created a groove with a soldering tool and filled it with wood glue. It worked quite well.
So it was also the first yoyo i modded.
2 years later i had to stop throwing because of health issues.
I sold and gave away all my yoyo stuff except a case of throws with special, sentimental value. The F.A.S.T 201 was in this case.
Last summer (7 years later) i started throwing again. I took the case out of its storage, opened it and the F.A.S.T 201 was missing.
I´m pretty sure, noone had access to this case and i didn´t take it out. I have no idea where it´s gone.


Well, Robin… that officially makes you a 3 time loser.

3 Strikes you’re out…. End of inning.:scream_cat:


I remember there was a kid who would send something out so they could justify to their parents it was a trade. Getting free yoyos in the mail would have raised red flags.

I ended up finding the parents number and calling asking with explaining the situation to the father which took some explaining since they couldn’t believe their kids would do such a thing. Especially since he was sending his part of the trade.


When the military intercepts your final Seamonkey you can only assume it’s to prevent it getting into Soviet hands.



Can you blame them?

Sea-monkeys start out all cute and cuddly…

But just a few modified genetic mutations later you’ve got yourself a horrifying weapon of mass destruction!