My new Yoyo Arsenal


My yoyos got stolen by a guy named 10scamaro here in the forums a while back.

Yep my case, yoyos, and all my string.

But it’s ok because my collection has been growing back, slowly but surely.

Now My collection is pretty darn good!

YYF DNA w/ White Nubs
Duncan Raptor


What do you mean stolen? You sold all your throws to a guy named SCAMaro?


Wow how did end up trading with someone named SCAMaro? Did you not see it coming or something?


He must have thought he owned a Special Edition Camaro. S-camaro.


Yeah he said he’d give me 30 bucks for my case with some yoyos.

And his username is 10s Camaro as in the car.

But yeah he is a total scammer but he is banned now.


well if you sold it for 30 it couldnt of have been that big of a collection unless your EXTREMELY generous :smiley:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #7

The quantity of yo yos in a collection is insignificant. The significance of a collection, or a single yo, is the joy it brings.

Congrats on your collection, to date.


It was like a YYF whip and Speedmaker and I think a YYF one I believe


I traded my psg and have regretted it ever since


D you like the color purple? It looks good n your yoyos!


Yeah I love purple, but all of those yoyos got traded!

The only ones I have left are the Classic and Surge and there’s no way I would ever trade those.