Huge Unboxing...

I just bought a bunch of yoyos from this site, One Drop Markmont Next, Dietz, Dang, YYF Avant Garde and Catalyst, Duncan Exit 8, YYJ Trinity (Andre signed and chose the color for me  :)), and more…  I finally opened the box after working a double shift ugh…  But anyway, this store is fantastic, I got the package quickly, and customer service is great.  I was ONLY able to find all the yoyos I wanted, in the colors I wanted, at this store.  That’s what makes it the best I’ve found.  This is a quickie with my Ipod Touch…thanks for looking.


I wish I had the money to get all those throws lol
That’s pretty cool that you got Andre to sign it for you!

I’m a true fan, so I’m glad he agreed to do so. I feel lucky. I moved recently and decided to sell everything I haven’t used in awhile…and I bought yoyos with the proceeds. I still have a lot to get rid of. So far I sold an old Palm Tungsten E2, a Wii and the games, a Nintendo DSi with games, some of my Rubik’s cube collection, a Philip Stein watch, and a lot more. I’m thinking my high school class ring is next, cause after you finish college, who needs one? More yoyos will come from that. Oh…tax return helped some too. Thanks for checkin the vid.

DId you get my personal message?

Oops…missed it, just replied.

Would you p.m. Me about tradingmfor the catalyst