FS: My small yoyo collection

(Levi Yoder) #1

I am selling all of my yoyos at once. I’m just going to put a link to my eBay listing for them:

Here are the yoyos included in the bundle, (more details, including the damage, vibe, and accessories included are in the listing): YoYoFactory Flight (Green Glow), iYoYo iCEBREAKER, Japan Technology/SOMEThING Jetset EG (Black w/Black Spikes), 2 YoYoTricks Oracles (one white, one green), YoYoTricks Sage (Winter), YoYoFactory Replay Pro (Blue w/White Caps), Duncan Freehand Pro (Red w/Blue Caps), YoYoFactory Shutter (Black), OneDrop Terrarian (Necromancer), and the YoYoFactory Nine Dragons (2018 edition, Galaxy w/Clear Caps, extra V5 shells included and installed). The original price of all of these and the accessories included is over $450, and I am selling it all for $250, plus $7.25 or so for shipping.

If you want to know why I am selling them, keep reading. If not, click the link.

Why am I selling all of my yoyos and accessories? I am shifting priorities. I am 19, but I have no vehicle, no license, and no job. I need a car to get a job, but I need a job to get a car. Many kids my age already have a car and a house, and many of my friends got cars or trucks or Jeeps when they turned 16. Not everyone can afford that. My dad certainly can’t, but we are saving money to buy a car. I decided that it is time to shift priorities. I am selling everything I own, besides necessities, and yoyos are not necessities. I can’t spend all of my money on yoyos and get a car, too, though I certainly would like to.

I’m not trying to make you feel sorry. Only buy my yoyos if you want them. If you don’t want them, though, please consider telling someone you know that might consider buying them. Thank you!

(Mathias) #2

Keep the One Drop!!

I have to say, this is very mature of you and I wish you luck.

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(Levi Yoder) #3

Also, keep in mind that I need to receive payments through PayPal, and I am willing to negotiate the price. If you are interested in making an offer, you may message me, but keep in mind that once you make an offer on eBay and I accept it, payment will be required immediately. Sorry for not mentioning this earlier.

(Levi Yoder) #4

Bump. I found a couple more accessories, and added them to the bundle: black nylon gloves and finger tape, both from YoYoTricks.

(Levi Yoder) #5

Bump. I have reduced the price.


How much are they now?


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(Levi Yoder) #8

They are now $290.

(Levi Yoder) #9

Bumb. I am now selling my kendamas also.

(Levi Yoder) #10

Bump. I have reduced the price. I really need these sold. :disappointed:

(Samuel Yoder) #11

Hey Levi, I’m bumping for you


Might be interested but not really sure

(Levi Yoder) #13

Bump. I have reduced the price again. :expressionless:


Keep one at least.