You know whats worse than lowballing


When people string you along forever after they say “yea just give me a minute to get my money together.” So your getting money in a little just be patient, but after a while you start getting agitated. So you pm them suddenly their collections are a little bit bigger but your yoyo isn’t there so turns out they bought something else or they decide they don’t need another throw, they don’t buy anything unbeknownst to you. Meanwhile you pass up 10 offers because you promise some guy you hold it. Anyone else hate this.


That’s happened to me a few times. It is annoying, but life goes on. They just lose out.


That is why my standard answer to anyone asking me to hold something is always the same.

“I don’t hold anything but at this time no one is asking about it so you should be fine. If someone comes up with the money before you can I will take the offer. Nothing personal.”


Don’t agree to hold yoyos. Problem solved.


i was holding out for this guy cuz his offer was ridiculously high


You know what they say. If it sounds to good to be true, it is. Lesson learned.


Pretty close to what happened with me and Yoyo8821


this guy yoyojordan


I gave you an offer pending a picture of the damage. Completely different.




Well, you then said $100. I asked if you would meet me halfway. If you had said no, we still would’ve had a deal. Instead of giving me an answer, you just bought another year. Oh well, as you said, someone else will come and buy it.




I really think you will sell it for more. But seriously I’d give you $100 for it.


i would do 101

(WildCat23) #15

Oh dear. Grabs popcorn


I also say don’t hold onto something. Its part of the hustle and bustle of the bst, just hold out until you get an offer you’re happy with is my two cents. I’ve never asked someone to hold something for me but I’ve shown interest and then just let it go because new things come along. The same has been done to me and its not really a big deal.


my entire vacation was riding on this deal


One time I posted a yoyo and was asked to hold it for a few days so I planned a vacation the next day and then the person backed out. ::slight_smile:


I don’t do holding. I think I’m a really good seller, but at the end of the day, I’m a seller. I want money in return for goods. I’m not interested in the story of how the money gets to me or how bad you want my yoyo. If you have the money, you get it. If you don’t, you don’t.

Granted, I’ve done a lot of private selling of many things in my day. Over time I think you learn that this is the only attitude that works. There are just too many tire kickers out there.


Haha thank you. I was gonna give you first dibs since you posted on my question. Anyways, hope you are having fun with your new Majesty!