Share your funny lowballs!


Heres his offer on my raptor with one scratch:

I said 30$ shipped and this is his counter offer


His offer on my near mint cascade:


His offer on my hubstack dv888 with 4 dings SHIPPED


i would only go 20 on the cascade he’s overpaying




yeah he lowballed me too I just needed money so I took it


id do 10 for the dv888


So just tell him no and let it go at that.




Yeah i keep saying no but they keep coming so i told him to stop PMing me


block him


Yeah this stuff happens quite frequently. I was trying to sell my Oscillatrix and I was talking to this guy who made an offer. We were messaging back and forth for a little bit and it seemed like it was all good and that he was going to buy it for the price I wanted. Then out of nowhere he lowballs me and says he’ll only pay for a price $15 less than I wanted - keep in mind that I was selling this yoyo for less than $35! So I tell him that I wouldn’t accept that price and so he messages me back and he just says “Samad I gotta be honest here, I can’t pay that much because I really just need about tree fiddy.” At this point I realized that he was about 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the paleolithic era! I shouted back “God dammit Nessie! I ain’t given you no tree fiddy!”


Who’s lowballing? Mordo? He’s been lowballing on speed freak. I said no to him 13 times… eventually went away


Just tell him it’s sold and that’ll be the end of it.


He kept buggin me u gonna buy it or not

Whatever man…


If low offers offend you you shouldnt have a bst. A simple no, followed by ignoring any other lowballs from the same person will do.



At first he was Low Balling the Heck out of me for a Ronin.

Now we actually seem to be working something out!


Mordo seems like a pretty cool guy. Right now, we are in the middle of a deal, and he’s given me a reasonable price on a Foxy Moss Chief with some minor dings in it (He’s taken $45 off the price of a brand new Chief, plus the price of my Chaser), and definitely didn’t lowball be on my Chaser. Not saying this didn’t happen, just talking about my experiences. Just ignore the offers if they’re getting to you, or post a no lowball policy on your BST.


I think this needs to stop, I mean if someone says no you can’t keep nagging. Raise your offer, or go away. You aren’t going to annoy them into selling their yoyos for half the desired (and appropriate) price.