Worst trade offers?


A lot of us have had our fair share of lowballs and crummy offers on the wonderful wasteland known at the BST. What are some of your worst?

I’ve had a few doozies in the past that currently escape me, but I’ve recently been offered a Chief for my Draupnir.


I was offered a beat Rally for an Avalanche once.

EDIT: Also, any of mordo’s offers.


Popstars are all the rage in low balls since the worlds Prague packs.

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The thing is, I usually somehow accept those terrible offers….

I don’t know how it happens. lol

I once traded a KLR for an OG Avalanche. Somewhere along the way trades got all messed up, and I finally ended up with 20 dollars. Woop de doo.


50 bucks for a go pro hero 3.


I was once offered a Capless and $35.00 for one of my Ti-Walkers.

It was tempting, but I turned it down… LOL :smiley:


You missed out. Capless is codename for Nostalgia in trade offers. :stuck_out_tongue:


MIP FHZ for my USA hatrick


Years ago, I had a person offer a “mystery package” for my Bare Bones. I told them that is was not ok and that I would have to see what was in this “mystery box” before I would consider.
The child got mad and told me “oh well I guess youre missing out cause youre scared”.
Ended up finding out that his said “mystery box” was a speedmaker painted gold with water color paint and glitter…that sadly someone fell for and later was quite upset about.

Kids I swear…


XD, love it, i was once offered a beat grind machine and counter attack for my 7075 Catalyst, thats prolly the worst i can think of


Hey I’m a kid and I wouldn’t do that not all kids are scumbags. Also I don’t really do much 1A mostly 4A.


Expert trader level 10


I was offered $25 today for my entire BST when it clearly states I have a bundle for $25 and two other yoyos being sold separately.

$25 for $110 in yoyos plus a ton of extras. That almost warrants negative feedback in and of itself.

The. I see the same username on this thread complaining about low-ball offers. Hilarious.


You had that $110 bundle up earlier for $40 earlier with a case. I simply thought you had sold the case, and were trying to get rid of the rest of it. I saw a sentence that said take the bundle for $25. I wasn’t offering, I thought I was buying. A few seconds after I sent it, I realized that you meant $25 for the cheap yoyos you had, and sent a PM saying to ignore my earlier offer. I made a mistake, and corrected myself within seconds. I see no reason to get mad.


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No one is mad, otherwise I wouldn’t have found it hilarious. I left the username out as to not call you out. You are correct, I did have my bundle posted for $40, which was specified as the group photo, not including the case. I checked the post before it was made public. No reason to make yourself public or try and start a flame war. That’s not my style.


I have only made one yoyo trade and it worked out great. I do not know the circumstanced of any of your BST’s but I suspect that a BST that goes bump for days and weeks invites low-ball offers.


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How can I pick just one?

Every one that starts with “how much” when I already have a price listed.

Every trade offer that has the word “stripped” in it.

Every trade offer that includes a Popstar, Classic or Speedaholic.

Every trade offer I have ever received that includes a YYJ (these ones almost always include the word “stripped” and one of the above 3 yoyos as well)

Almost every trade offer I have received that invovles 3 or more yoyos (typically involves some combination of the previous 3)


How does one even strip a YYJ… those are some of the loosest bearing seats i v seen