You knock something over when yoyoing and...


I’m just curious of what people do in this situation




I make sure I’m in a place that I don’t do that.


One time i knocked a lamp over, whipped out the super glue and went back to yoyoing.

(Hardcore_Max) #5

its usually my stuff that I knock over so I will just leave it until im done throwing then i will fix it.


You guys knock stuff over while yo-yoing?


well, rarely.
but i always make sure that i have enough space for throwing.

(Raphael) #8

I learned to not hit stuff, but incase i do, flee the crime scene.


don’t really knock anything on the floor but i have broken many light bulbs lol


I make sure my wife hasnt noticed. Especially when I’ve just put a dent in that really nice fruit bowl she got from Goodwill…Oops…


last thing i knocked over was myself. Tapped myself out on a dismount. don’t know how but i went down. Worst part was my wife called me an idiot and to go outside with my toys.

(Q) #12

That’ll hurt the pride


#2 all the way. I might knock it again :slight_smile: