You guys try this much?

Do you all try 5a without a counterweight? It’s actually quite entertaining xD

Flying Eel.

slippery eel is what I’ve heard it called

Yes. Quite a lot. You ever try fly trap?

Nope, I’ve never really tried it until today xD

You and your crazy styles. But anyways I usually go through spurts. I’ll play 5a a lot but soon as I get a new throw I’ll stop because I usually play my new yoyos non stop for a week. And since my main style is 1AM my 5a ambition at that point kind of disappears. Guess I’ll start again here in a minute though.

Fly trap. It’s like 5A, except instead of a counterweight you have to put some flypaper where the loop is. The technique comes from sticking the paper to various parts of the string mid-trick to create new shapes not possible with just your fingers.


Yo-yoing is so crazy…

Don’t be silly. That style is done with slap bracelets. Flypaper wears out too fast.

I though flytraps style was similar to mobius except you try to land your finger back in the slipknot

It is. Greg was demonstrating his adeptness at spouting bovine excretement.

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Just when I thought I had a grip on the world of yoyos…

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