Slippery eel

I wanna do stuff like that! It’s like 5A, but I love watching it so much more  ???
Doesn’t anyone else think so or is it just me? :c

It’s more difficult than it looks. If you’ve ever tried bee-sting with that you know it’s impossible because there isn’t any counterweight lol.

That is so sweet, I have tried it before and I almost broke a window so I’d rather just watch lol

yeah you arent supposed to do stuff like bee sting  :-X

Woah. Blew my mind, totally going to try that at some point this weekend

If you guys liked the "Slippery Eel’ style which is more in the direction of 5a then check this out. This is called flytraps, which is more so a trickstyle than an actual style to itself. It is more in the direction of moebius.