5a Bee Sting Troubles

Hey guys, I started 5a 2 weeks ago and can get all the tricks (taught by Andre) except Bee sting. That trick makes no sence, and i dont get it at all. :frowning: Have any advise that will help, i would like to hear from you :slight_smile:

Here’s a tutorial that really helped me when I was learning it:

B-Sting is one of my favorite tricks, I hope this helps you learn it!

Here is some of my advice:

-keep the yoyo and the counterweight in the same vertical plane

-get a rhythm going

-remember that the weight of the yoyo really influences the trick, so it will be different on different yoyos

-keep practicing because once you get it, it will be second nature to you

Thx guys the thing i wasnt doing was that hop thing to my middle finger, i didnt know you have to pop the yoyo in the other direction, Thx a whole for your help. Now if i can find my CW ill start practicing right away ;D

Yea the bee Sting is one of my favorite tricks it take lots of practice though. It took me 2-3 months of trying giving up and then going back to it until I finally got it. Once you flip it in the other direction it helps to pull the CW a little to get the yoyo moving back in the original direction so you can mount it in a trapeze for the end of the trick. hope that helps. GOOD LUCK ;D

practice the hop and you should get it eventulay