tips on 5a

ok i decided to do 5a and im having a really hard time with it if you guys could give me any tips to will really help any kind of tips like ways to help break down tricks any thing


What trick do you want help with the most.

For an overall note I would say practice A LOT!!! It will help you be smooth and not look like a fool!

bee sting and butterfly

Butterfly is just kind of a rhythm thing. Don’t be afraid and swing the yoyo fast and throw the die hard. Sure, you’ll hit them a lot, but you’ll get better quickly.

For B-Sting, I’d say just watch videos a lot and work on it. JonRob does an amazing B-Sting, so if you can watch one of his videos that should help. Remember that you don’t pinch for the whole trick and that it is a series of pinches. Also, make sure you use the momentum of the yoyo and die to do your tricks :wink:

like DYonch said butterfly is all about rythm. swing the CW and keep the rythm. the moition is simlilar to boing e boing. up and down.  make sure you swing both the yoyo and the CW kinda hard in the beginning.

for bee sting here’s an amazing tutorial that has helped me a lot.