I need help with 5a double or nothing


Can someone send me a p.m. Of a really good tutorial on this trick? And not the miguell correa that one doesnt help






not the release


the “true” 5A version is hard to get, much harder than the 1A version

the thing is, you want to release the CW when the yoyo goes around your non throw hand pointer, so the CW and the yoyo form a straight line (much like a staff)

the non throw hand pointer movement (twist motion) can take some time to get.

if you want to see the “staff” thing, watch jon rob videos, he does this pretty well

keep at it, but it’s really much harder to get than the 1A version


yea Jon Rob has been teaching me 5a:) lol…it took me a while to learn this…you just have to get 1 flowing motion down…learn windmill. get it down. then stick your throwhand finger out as you do windmill. let …aww forget it. If you want I can make a tutorial…detailed. let me know.


I can’t get it either. Tried the tutorial on highspeddyoyo.com but not good for me I Al’s need a little explanation on that one


just to give you an idea

I’ve been throwing 5A since last spring, started throwing in october 2010

I can do the 5A double or nothing consistently since maybe 2 or 3 months. it’s a completely different animal than it is in 1A. But the “straight line” advice is what did it for me


I can try to teach you this week at yoyo club