Slippery Eel questions.


5A was developed because of complex slippery eel tricks being to hard, so I am assuming this is a developed style, but I haven’t seen any tutorials… So, are there any tutorials,


naw it is fairly non developed.



…but there’s this:


I have seen that… But really? It’s undeveloped? I still doubt that… Does any one know how to contact Steve Brown?


I’v been in the community for that long man. Its not a very developed style. It was a gimmicky kinda’ thing. Not to say there is nothing out there but its not anything like most styles of play.
And yes he runs a website called yoyonews.


Oooh… If its really that undeveloped… So sad… All my favorite styles are gimmicks…


Get it going then. Don’t be a fallow’er be a leader.
Just because it isn’t popular doesn’t mean it can’t be the best thing ever.


That’s why all my favorite styles are gimmicks!


Slippery eel has potential if people would do it.


Pioneers rarely get walk through if ever. Looks like its time for you to turn on the cam fire up the editing program and get to making some tutorials, for all the followers.


B-b-b-but… I hate followers…


Exactly, that’s why you’re a leader!
Wait, what…?

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The trick in life is to know when to go your own way, when to lead, when to follow, and when to get out of the way of others.


That’s deep…