If you could jumpstart another style being competitive


I know YoyoFactory has said that they were “promoting a 9A division to be run at select events around the world.” but there are so many other great styles that are kind-of left in the dust when it comes to contests. Just to name a few…
-Double dragon
-Fixed axle
-Full loop (Luna Harran’s thing)

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #2

I love Mobius style. Slippery Eel is another style long forgotten.


I’v never heard of Slippery Eel. What is it like?


It’s 5a without a dice.

(Hans Van Dan Elzen) #5

I just posted a video on my instagram demonstrating the “slippery eel” (instagram yohans34). Unlike 5A, this trick is performed with a responsive yo-yo.


Where in the numerical list would you personally put Slippery Eel, Full loop, and Mobius?

This is what it seems to be so far:
0A Fixed Axle (I think Ed Sheeran said this in Doc Pop’s interview)
0.5A Half of yoyo is used (Joshua Yee was the main creator)
1A Unresponsive or responsive string trick yoyos.
1.5A Single Fivepoint (1A with an extra stringiest not attached to the yoyo)
2A Looping with two yoyos.
3A string tricks with two yoyos.
4A Off-string.
5A Counterweight.
6A Double Dragon (Ky Zizan said this in his tutorial for D.D. I think)
7A Looping with counterweights (This may be on Yoyowiki)
8A ???
9A Nine Dragons (YoyoFactory itself said this)
9A?? Freehand Off-string
Asquared 2 (yoyos connected to one string )