new style YAY

i just thought of a really cool idea maybe just maybe it might be a division (6A) 1 day ill post the video when its uploaded ;D ;D


It better be pretty darn good if you have to give us such an enthusiastic warning.

YEAH its fun if your skilled but its hard if you just started i created it a couple of minutes before the video so dont expect the video to be good its just a demonstration on how to do it

What is it?

its like CW but without the counterweight and the string isnt tied to your hand ill post the video as soon as uploaded

This style is known as flying eel and came out in around 1998.

This is my source.

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I thought that was called Mobius.

Sounds like Mobius to me. Do you land on the loop?

Mobius is when the slipknot comes off your finger and is actively involved in the trick.

What he described was 5a but without the counterweight.

When did it change from slippery eel to flying eel?

I was under the impression that they were synonymous.

moebius is more of a 1a variant, whereas this is a 5a variant.

unfortunately though, pretty much everything has been thought of. so it’s pretty difficult to come up with a new style of playing.

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its almost the same thing it just has a wierd sliding motion like when your in the trapeze you grab the string in the other side then your in a GT

um ???

example when your in a trapeze slide the slipnot through the middle the middle while still holding the other side then your in a GT

flying eel. sorry, no new style

well at least i learned a new style so its still a NEW STYLE FOR ME :wink:

Moebius tends to mix both. :wink:

if you spin your own string you can tie it in such a way where two yoyos are on the same string… slip knot or freehand

I thought of this a while back. I guess it is gaining popularity.